Sexuality within organisational contexts

Sexual Harassment in Organizational Context

Although many information gaps remain, the emerging picture clearly shows the significant role of both injected cocaine and crack cocaine in the Brazilian epidemic and the increasingly large role of injecting cocaine in the Southern Cone.

This study sought to investigate the link between crack-cocaine use and HIV transmission in a small group of incarcerated Alabama women jailed for illicit drug use or drug-related crimes.

Abstract Although the efficacy of small-group, risk reduction interventions based on cognitive behavioural principles has been widely documented in HIV behavioural research literature, little is known about how AIDS service organisations ASOs view these research-based models. In virtro immunological studies demonstrate that social drinking increases the susceptibility of human cells to HIV infection.

According to a co-founder and executive creative strategist for RE-UP, as technology becomes a "life force," subcultures become the main bone of contention for brands as networks rise through cultural mash-ups and phenomenons.

Although the opportunity exists to address HIV risk behaviours in the setting of substance abuse treatment, effective institutionalization of this challenging behaviour change effort has not yet been realized.

The provider is also able to initiate discussion about drug use in a non judgmental manner and to offer care to patients who are not yet ready to consider drug treatment. American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse. Abstract The purpose of this study was to determine if morphine programmes implemented in the city of Naples Italy between and might have contributed to the low HIV prevalence rate detected among injecting drug users IDUs.

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Specifically, this article has three main purposes: Their teaching gives you the skills you need for an essential foundation in literary study and also encourages you to consider social and cultural issues relevant to the materials you will examine as a twenty-first century student.

Weeks 3, 5, 9, 10; Semester 2: Year 3 Year 3 modules more advanced specialist modules and again there are two core modules and four options. Abstract Studies of HIV-positive patients have consistently shown that drug users, in particular injection drug users IDUare far more likely to have hepatitis C virus HCV infection than other patient groups.

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The treatment phase lasted 6 months, with follow-ups at 6 and 9 months after treatment entry. Yet the cultural industry is often capable of re-absorbing the components of such a style and once again transforming them into goods. Each of the high-risk relapse stages in HIV disease is examined, including individual real-life situations, followed by discussions on how alcohol and drug relapse prevention may prove helpful in getting HIV-infected patients to adhere to their treatment regimens.

This explains, at least partially, the recent spread in the South, affecting a large number of women, most of them partners of IDUs, and their offspring, and contributing for a less significant decline of AIDS related deaths, when compared with other Brazilian regions. Women, Sex, and HIV: Logistic regression analysis suggests that among Chinese IDUs, border-related factors eg, living closer to the border, buying drugs across the border more frequently and younger age are the best predictors of HIV positivity.

With the ever-increasing acceptance of homosexuality in the early 21st century, including its expressions in fashion, music, and design, the gay culture can no longer be considered a subculture in many parts of the world, although some aspects of gay culture like leathermenbearsand feeders are considered subcultures within the gay movement itself.

Knowledge sharing in organisational contexts: a motivation-based perspective Alice Lam and Jean-Paul Lambermont-Ford Abstract Purpose – Facilitating knowledge sharing within organisations is a difficult task: the willingness of. Sexualities and accounting: A queer theory perspective.

Author links open overlay panel Nick Rumens. Show more. There is a paucity of research on sexuality within accounting studies in general, and next to nothing on lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* (LGBT) sexualities in particular.

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particularly those organisational contexts from which. Sexuality and women in care organizations: Negotiating boundaries within a gendered cultural script on gender and sexuality within organizations in social work and social care, this chapter.

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The Importance of Organizational Context on Employees' Attitudes: An Examination of Worlking in Main Offices Versus Branch Offices Show all authors Sharon Clinebell.

Sexuality, along with gender, race, age, all play a role in determining identity.

Sexual Harassment in Organizational Context

Without sexuality, individuals can never fully establish identities; this may affect organizational performance and behavior in numerous ways.

Sexuality within organisational contexts
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