Tropical neurasthenia

All rapid changes of temperature were to be avoided, and there Tropical neurasthenia a special Tropical neurasthenia for perspiration. Tropical neurasthenia was partially a context-dependent diagnosis.

Initially, the hill station was the upland counterpart to the lowland military station, save for its distancing of Anglolndians from the perceived unpleasantries of life in India. CrosbyJr. Moreover, once tropical neurasthenia is properly acknowledged as being typical of clinical understandings of the time, other easons for its comparatively long endurance in the colonial situation emerge.

It both cooled the body and affected the liquid balance.


This is probably the earliest article on tropical neurasthenia in the Philippines. The tropical neurasthenia is a disease of a specific culture.

The old economic contact through the slave trade was under increasing fire in Parliament, and demands for reform implied demands for new forms of overseas enterprise.

Warwick Anderson pointed out that even those colonial physicians who had come to scoff at the notion of a physiological degeneration of the white race still conceded, reluctantly, that some mental and moral deterioration might occur. They knew they should stay as much as possible aboard ship at some distance from shore.

Physical exercise was out, especially in the heat of the day. On the biomedical framing of disease, see Charles E. Studies 5 focused on the influence of predisposition, local climate, environment, political situation or social practices on the occidental nervous system. Rain and dew were dangerous, partly because they were cooling, and partly because they were sometimes thought to be contaminated with marsh miasma.

Evidences have proved that the blonds suffer more tropical neurasthenia in tropical areas than the brunets, and show higher grades of neurasthenia, in many ways result from their unfitness for the climate.

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Not long after his return to the United States, McCartney presented his study of neuroses to a different audience.

Felkin; Alfred Sharpe; J. Similarly, other prophylactic measures against the climatic effects often found in contemporary tropical hygiene textbooks and medical reports were recommended for the Chinese context. The American physician illustrated his point with a case report on a diligent foreign nurse with a nervous predisposition.

If he evades it, it callouses his nature, if he succumbs to its wiles, it erodes him; wither of which may throw him into a morbid mentality. Thus, numerous social issues had been associated with the diagnosis.

This development was primarily influenced by the international rise in popularity of psychological explanations and treatments of nervous disorders during the same period. One of these was the special study of medical topography.

A second method of preventing tropical fevers was to follow special rules of personal conduct. There is no escape from the infection, but its consequences may vary considerably. The utility of the diagnosis in the management of British East Africa. A catch-all for a wide range of symptoms, many missionaries, colonial staff, and settlers throughout Empire were repatriated because of it, although this article concentrates on Colonial Service employees working in British East Africa.

University of Denver,p. Marcel Proust was said to suffer from neurasthenia. The Board of Foreign Missions,p. Second, Crozier observes in the context of East Africa that the Victorian language about nerves52and the catch-all idea of neurasthenia were incorporated into the already flexible framework of analysis.

Tropical Neurasthenia Essay

Essays and Addresses New York, The theoretical relationship between climate, race, and health was refined throughout the latter part of the nineteenth century.

Virtually, it can be regarded as a hybrid form, dependent not only upon the peculiarities of the Tropical neurasthenia situation, but also descended from British and American clinical understandings of neurasthenia.

Both the nineteenth-century imperial discourse and the discourse of climate served to reflect and reinforce the emerging belief in racial difference. It suggests that the meaning of white male breakdown in the tropics was structured in relation to a specific colonial setting, even if these relations were usually disguised by mechanistic and, later, psychodynamic formalism.

In addition to the frequent accounts of neurasthenia among Europeans, the modern psychiatric framework expanded so that the African mind and culture were pathologized as well. The medical discussions on mortality and morbidity was part of an ambivalent concern about the presence of Western elements and the fear of corroding white identity in an ancient civilization, as pointed out by the comment of the North-China Herald on the desire to maintain a Western prestige.

Some argued that the climate and the exposure to disease in the plains threatened the health of Anglo-Indians. Stokes Company,p. Harrison, Climates and Constitutions: Sometimes their information was accurate and useful.

It is a widely accepted tenet in cultural geography that landscape constitutes a culturally produced expression of social order. NEURASTHENIA Although the great prevalence of neurasthenia is a matter of common knowledge to physicians practicing in the tropics, the literature on the subject is not extensive.

An Examination of Tropical Neurasthenia

King, writing from Porto Rico, states that comparatively few persons entirely escape. During the first quarter of the twentieth century, tropical neurasthenia was a popular diagnosis for a nervous condition experienced by Europeans in the topics.

Tropical neurasthenia was not psychosis or madness, but was rather an ennui or loss of "edge" brought about by the strains of tropical life, especially the unfamiliar, hot climate.


Dilemma: Tropical Neurasthenia and the Alienated Briton,” in Decentering Empire: Britain, India, and the Transcolonial World, ed. Dane Kennedy and Durba Ghosh (Hyderabad: Orient Longman, ), – 2.

There are numerous works on neurasthenia in America, Britain, and Continental Europe. 3~0 TROPICAL NEURASTHENIA. In the neurasthenia of the tropics, we may see, I think, these causes acting either alone or together in varying proportions, noxious physical and noxious emotional stimuli.

tropical neurasthenia or oriental nerves? WHITE BREAKDOWNS IN CHINA Wen-Ji Wang Introduction In a survey published on the British Journal of Medicine in NovemberG. Basil Price used missionary statistics to determine the major reasons Western residents in the tropics and sub-tropics became invalid.

View all notes That the doctors at Mengo Hospital used the term ‘neurasthenia’ could thus have been an admission that the ‘tropical’ in tropical neurasthenia tended to refer more to a sense of locality than ‘to characterize any special type of neurasthenia’. 33 33 King, ‘Tropical Neurasthenia’, ; Trewartha, ‘Recent Thought’.

Tropical neurasthenia
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